Focus on Customer Satisfaction

As the Ocean Atlantic Companies have grown, great care has been taken in developing solid complementary businesses to enhance our customers’ overall sales and service experience. From development and permitting to design and construction to sales and mortgage financing, we are able to provide one-stop shopping for clients to simplify the home buying process. In addition, with over 1,000 acres under development and 2,000 home sites in the construction pipeline, we have been able to achieve significant economies of scale in purchasing lumber, windows, doors, cabinetry, flooring, appliances, and many other necessary items that go into our final products, providing our customers with the best pricing and quality possible. Finally, Ocean Atlantic clients deal directly with one cohesive entity that maintains responsibility for their overall home purchase experience. Every step of the way – from the first experience with our sales office to the final new home checklist — we take pride in handling all client questions and concerns quickly and professionally, providing them with the highest level of service possible through our focus on customer satisfaction.

Focus on Long Term Growth

Ocean Atlantic has opted to pursue a rather unique and contrarian approach to its business growth. Unlike most real estate development companies that specialize in one phase or component of the real estate development process, we have grown by building companies involved in almost all aspects of the development process. Our focus and specialization lie in our select geographic concentration, combining strong local knowledge and relationships with a stellar reputation – key drivers for continued growth and profitability. Our long-term growth strategy includes locating areas with similar market dynamics where OA can implement its proven business model.

Focus on Employee Satisfaction

Working in close concert with our other businesses has been invaluable for Ocean Atlantic Companies’ employees to efficiently manage projects, solve problems, and easily handle customer concerns when they arise. Maintaining inter-related businesses has also allowed employees to transfer between the companies, gaining useful work experience, skills and knowledge. Long-term employee satisfaction is one of our major objectives, which we focus on by encouraging continued education, a healthy work/life balance, and an active lifestyle.


Preston Schell
Co-Founder / President

Focus on Strong Partnership

A key to the Ocean Atlantic success story has been the formation of strong strategic partnerships and coalitions. When entering new markets or businesses, we have endeavored to seek out the best and most reputable local players in that industry sector and form a beneficial alliance with them. The success of these partnerships has led to boundless opportunities and serves as another stone in the foundation of OA’s growth and business strategy.